Our London Food Tours

Don’t leave London without exploring one of its most culturally rich, offbeat and flavorful neighbourhoods - The East End! Eating London Food Tours take you away from the crowds and introduces you to the East End’s fascinating history, culture, street art and amazing (yes AMAZING) food! You haven’t experienced London like this before.

We believe that the best way to experience a city is through its food. Often times our most lasting memories involve not what we saw but what we ate and where we ate it. There is nothing better than discovering that tiny restaurant on a side street packed with locals and trying something delicious that you can’t find back home. We created Eating London Food Tours to provide you with just that experience. Our 3.5 hour East End Food Tour takes you to our favourite local restaurants and shops, in one of London’s most fascinating and offbeat neighbourhoods. Take a break from being a tourist and experience the real London with us.

Experienced and knowledgeable guides lead small groups (max 12) through the East End to indulge in London’s local delicacies in places that have been feeding our locals for generations.

Each food tasting stop has been selected not only for the quality of food but also for the history it holds, the passion of its people and its significance in the local community.

We take you to London’s East End, an unforgettable neighbourhood that’s off the beaten path. You’ll enjoy undiscovered restaurants that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon.

It’s much more than just a food tour. We give your stomachs a break to discover unforgettable cultural and historical attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss. We also introduce you to London’s "unsung food heroes" - the people behind the food – you’ll hear their stories and experience the real London.


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The East End has been a food and culture hub of London for over 400 years, with a rich history that includes influences from Jewish, Bangladeshi and French cultures. On our three and a half hour guided walking tour, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes taste of this neighbourhood’s unique art, deep history and amazing food. The Eating London Food Tour takes in eight mouth-watering tastings, including famous English foods such as fish & chips and bacon sandwiches as well as some more modern influences, such as the fantastic Brick Lane curry. You’ll also get to see some world famous street art, ensuring that you leave this tour feeling both full and cultured!


  • “This 3.5 hour walking tour in London's East End is the perfect way to get acquainted with London's most trendy borough.”

  • “This was arguably the best thing I did during my time in London.”

  • “A perfect tour—scrumptious samples of typical English food served with a side of historical and cultural information.”