Where to find the best gelato in Rome


After living in Rome your whole life, it’s funny hearing someone warn you against ice cream tourist traps. I have always taken for granted the fact that in Rome, all gelato is amazing. Well, I was wrong. There are a great number of “fake” gelato places, in particular around the main tourist areas, and for Keep reading this post...

How to Celebrate Carnevale in Rome


When you are talking about a good city to spend the Carnival season in, Rome probably isn’t the first one off your lips. Why should it be when cities like Rio de Janeiro and nearby Venice host the season’s main attractions. But though Rome may not put on its party mask with the same fervour as Keep reading this post...

8 Easy Travel Tips for Italy


Before making your trip to Italy, there are a few things you should know. Not because Italy is such a large country, but because its rich diversity and culture can cause travellers to feel in over their heads. 8 of the best travel tips for Italy Be prepared for public transportation. Or, if you’re driving, Keep reading this post...

Join us on our East End Food Tour

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Our 3.5 hour walking food tour takes you to some of our favourite restaurants and food stops in one of London’s most fascinating and offbeat neighborhoods- the East End. You’ll enjoy eight mouth-watering food tastings in restaurants, cafes and pubs that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon. All the while you’ll get a behind-the-scenes taste of the East End’s unique history and culture – visiting hidden synagogues, meeting the colourful locals and getting to see some of the world’s most amazing street art. Experience the London you won’t find anywhere else, on an unforgettable tour that satisfies all of your senses!