Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when I make my online booking?
When you complete your booking on our secure website you will receive an automatic order confirmation that contains your booking details and directions for arriving to meet the tour using all possible transportation means. You will also get a copy of our East End Food Tour Food Lovers’ Guide with tips on hotels, things to do and places to eat.
What is Eating London’s Cancellation Policy?
Within 3 weeks of your tour date, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. Tours run regardless of weather conditions.
Do I have to book in advance? Can I just arrive and pay cash?
Tickets for all tours must be purchased on our website. We do not allow walk-ups or cash sales.
How many people can take the tour?
The maximum number of people on the tour is 12 people.
Are tips included in the price?
Gratuities are not included in your ticket price and they are always greatly appreciated. The industry standard for walking tours in London is 15%.
If the tour that I want to take is sold out can I get on a waiting list?
There is no official waiting list. Please notify us by email at and we will let you know what the options are if we are unable to get you on the tour of your choice.
Are young children allowed to participate on a tour? If so how much will I need to pay?
Children of all ages are welcome on The East End Food Tour. If they are not participating in the food tastings than there is no cost. Otherwise please make sure that you purchase a discounted children’s ticket for your child. Unfortunately due to spacing, the East End Food Tour is not baby stroller friendly.
Are gift certificates available?
Gift certificates are available for our East End Food Tour and make a wonderful present for anyone who is visiting or lives in UK.
Are tours offered only in English?
At the current time our tours are only led in English.
Can I book a private tour?
Yes Eating London does offer private group tours. All private tours are priced on application so please email us at to inquire about availability and pricing.
Can I speak to someone about my booking or to learn more about one of your tours?
Yes. We have someone on hand to chat for almost 14 hours of the day:
From Italy: + 39 392 842 9541 or + 39 335 826 0130
From North America: +1 215 688 5571
From Australia: +61 (03) 9028 7131
From UK: +44 020 3289 6327
From Netherlands: + 31 (20) 894 3068


Where does the tour start?
The tour group meets near the Liverpool Street Station. The exact meeting point for your walking food tour will be provided immediately upon booking. It is within easy reach of all modes of public transport.
Where does your tour end?
The East End Food Tour ends right opposite the Shoreditch High Street Station. Our guides are always happy to call a taxi for you or point you in the right direction to lead you to your next activity.

What is the size of the tour group?
The maximum number of people on the East End Food Tour is 12 people.
How much walking is involved on the tour? What is the walking pace?
Tours last around 3.5 hours and for 2/3 of the time we will be on our feet. The tours are led at a very casual pace on very flat terrain.
Are there many stairs that I have to climb up and down?
There are no stairs.
Is the East End Food Tour wheelchair / stroller accessible?
Unfortunately due to spacing, the East End Food Tour is not wheelchair or baby stroller accessible.
Are bathrooms available during the tour?
Yes bathrooms are available at several of the food tasting locations.
Are cameras permitted on the tour?
Is this a trick question? Cameras are most certainly permitted and photos are absolutely encouraged.
Can I shop?
In general, we ask that you refrain from shopping to help us keep within our schedule. Food is being prepared fresh for you at each tasting stop. However, if you would like to return to any of the shops after the tour, they are all close by and would be happy to do business with you! A number of our customers shop for friends and family after the tour.
Are the walking tours given in bad weather?
All our tours are held rain or shine. In the case of rain we will be able to go inside many of the tasting locations and there are other places where we will be able to stay dry. We kindly ask that you please look at the weather forecast and dress appropriately.
How long does the tour run for?
The duration of our tour is 3.5 hours with a 15 minute leeway on either side.


How much food is served on the tours?
Over the course of the tour you will be enjoying at least 8 food tastings, which is equivalent to a very large-sized lunch or dinner. You will not leave hungry we promise.
Is there alcohol?
Beer and cider are a part of English culture, and as such will be served at a certain point on the tour. Do feel free to ask for a soft drink alternative if you prefer not to drink alcohol.
What beverages are served on your tours?
In addition to beer and cider, water is served at 5 of our tasting locations and traditional English tea is served at one of the stops on the tour.
Are there food tastings available for vegetarians?
Yes, the East End Food Tour is vegetarian friendly. Please notify us of your dietary restrictions when you purchase your ticket.
What if I have other dietary restrictions or food allergies?
When you make your booking we ask what dietary restrictions you have. We do our best to accommodate a number of restrictions. However we are unable to make substitutions for individuals with gluten or lactose intolerance.

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Our 3.5 hour walking food tour takes you to some of our favourite restaurants and food stops in one of London’s most fascinating and offbeat neighborhoods- the East End. You’ll enjoy eight mouth-watering food tastings in restaurants, cafes and pubs that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon. All the while you’ll get a behind-the-scenes taste of the East End’s unique history and culture – visiting hidden synagogues, meeting the colourful locals and getting to see some of the world’s most amazing street art. Experience the London you won’t find anywhere else, on an unforgettable tour that satisfies all of your senses!